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Please see below the shoe sizes in Australian (=US) European, UK /DE, and also the length in cms to help you choose the best fit.

You can easily measure your feet to get the correct length. See the below information on How do I size up my foot.

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How do I size up my foot ?

Oh feet are three dimensional. They are long, they are wide, and they are high (thanks to your arch). It is impossible to measure this accurately however we can measure length with great success. Below is a guide on how to measure your feet in centimetres (cms)!


1.  Place the short end of the paper against a wall. Place your largest foot on the paper with your heel against the wall so that your heel is lined up with the edge of the paper.


2. Without moving your foot, bend over and use the pen or pencil to mark the point where your longest toe ends, with a little bit more as wiggle room 1 cm. Step off the paper.


3. Using your ruler or tape measure, measure from the edge of the paper to the line you have drawn. You can now use this with our Size Guide to determine your shoe size.


Here is the Desigual Clothing Sizing Guide. All measurements are in cms.


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