Sizing Help

We stock sizes from an Australian size 4 through to an Australian size 13.

In European sizes that is about a size 35 through to a size 44.

In UK / DE sizing that is about a size 2 through to a size 8.

The sizes we stock is totally determined by each brand.

Please view our Size Guide for a more detailed explanation of each size and its relationship to the other (ie Australian to European sizing) to help you find the best fit for your foot.

We sure do! Again, it is limited by the brands themselves. So many brands these days do not make half sizes – I know! A couple of key brands for us that do indeed make half sizes are:

Brands for HALF sizes

  • FRANKiE4
  • Hogl
  • Propet


TIP:  If you are in between sizes and the brand that you are considering purchasing does not offer a half size, we always recommend reading our detailed description to see how that shoe fits. And, always consider going up half a size to the next full size. eg if you are size 8.5 look at size 9s. Better roomy than too tight !

See our below FAQ for fitting odd sized feet as there are certain shoe fitting products that can fill a shoe by half a size.

Shoes for big feet? Shoes for wide feet? Yes, yes, we certainly DO have shoes for you.

Almost everyone of our brands comes in an Australian size 11 or European size 42. And we also have have some brands that go up to an Australian size 13 or European size 44.

The best way to find a pretty shoe for your larger sized feet is by using the Filters to search for your size. You can select multiple sizes should you wish!

Brands to look out for that constantly have larger sizes available are as per the below:

Brands for LARGE sizes

  • FRANKiE4
  • Hispanitas
  • Hogl
  • Pikolinos
  • Arche
  • Django & Juliette
  • Naot
  • Klouds
  • Silver Linings
  • Josef Seibel
  • Arcopedico
  • Propet


Shoes for small feet? All of our brands start from an Australian size 5 or European size 36.

Plus we do our utmost to find shoes for petite feet and have sourced brands with sizes starting from an Australian size 4 or European size 34.5-35.

The best way to find these petite shoes for your little feet is by using the Filters to search for your size. You can select multiple sizes should you wish!

Brands to look out for that constantly have size AU 4 or EU 35 are as per the below:

Brands for SMALL sizes

  • Hispanitas
  • Hogl
  • Arche
  • Zinda
  • Unisa
  • Brazilio
  • Toni Pons
  • Naot
  • Silver Linings
  • Arcopedico
  • Mephisto
  • Fly London
  • Pedro Miralles


Does it happen? Often! What you should do is always fit your larger foot first. Get the size right as per the larger foot … and do have a look at our Size Guide to help you here.

Then, we have lots of products that fill a shoe by about half a size, and that is what you should put in the shoe for the smaller foot. Products like Sneaker Doctor Ball of Foot Gel Cushions or Sneaker Doctor Heel Grips. We also have Sneaker Doctor Antimicrobial Comfort Insoles which are a full innersole. Click here to see all of the wonderful little helpers that go into your shoes to help them fit better / alleviate pain. It is far too tough to get a comfortable fit on your larger foot if you try squeezing that into a size too small!

The other option is to look at FRANKiE4 shoes. Most of this brand have a fully removable foot bed AND they come with a Sole Saver pack that includes a pair of half innersoles and a pair of forefoot innersoles. How does this help your one large foot? Well, you could take the size of the shoe that fits your smaller foot and then remove the full innersole for the larger foot, and replace the full innersole with the half innersole. Just for that larger foot. What that does is to create extra room in the shoe with the half innersole only. How good is that ?

This also works for wide feet too. What a super helpful tip, right??

Oh feet are three dimensional – they are long, they are wide, and they are high (thanks to your arch). It is impossible to measure this accurately however we can measure length with great success!

Please click on our Size Guide for more information on converting the length of your foot into an Australian or European size – and here is how to measure your feet in centimetres (cms).


1. Place the short end of the paper against a wall. Place your largest foot on the paper with your heel against the wall so that your heel is lined up with the edge of the paper

Foot Measuring

2. Without moving your foot, bend over and use the pen or pencil to mark the point where your longest toe ends, with a little bit more as wiggle room + 1 cm. Step off the paper


3. Using your ruler or tape measure, measure from the edge of the paper to the line you have drawn. You can now use this with our Size Guide to determine your shoe size

TIP: If the shoes you are going to wear are closed in and you will wear them with socks or stockings, measure your feet with socks or stockings on

TIP: Always measure your largest foot and to your longest toe – yes, even if it is your second or third toe !!

TIP: Always add some wiggle room! About an extra 1 cm. You do not want your toes right at the end of a shoe

TIP: You will need a ruler or tape measure, a pen or pencil, and any A4 piece of paper to measure your feet

Heel and Platform Height(and oh, how we love a platform!!!) A platform is the extra layer or thickness under the ball of the foot. This lifts you off the ground, and also reduces the angle the foot is in.

So a 10cm heel height with a platform of 2 cm really feels like an 8cm angle or “height”. A 10cm heel without a platform of any kind feels like an angle or “height” of 10cm.

The heel height is measured from the back of the heel where it meets the sole of the shoe, in a straight line down to the ground.

From full innersoles to ball of foot gel cushions and heel grips, we have all of the fitting bits and pieces to help stop your feet slipping.

By filling the shoe with for example a Sneaker Doctor Ball of Foot Gel Cushion your foot will be pushed up and back in the shoe to prevent slippage.

If the shoe you have bought has a slingback, and this is slipping, try adding an extra hole in the slingback strap (the strap that goes behind the foot) to tighten that up a little which may stop the slippage.

Please click here to take you to our shoe products which help fill a shoe and prevent slippage.

Have we sold out of your size already?? So sorry! But help may potentially be available. A few of our brands allow us to top up on individual sizes if they are available. You will see this on our website, enabling you to Waitlist an item that is currently out of stock, but will come back in stock soon.

The website will tell you if you have joined a Waitlist. A soon as your size / product comes back into stock, we will email you and let you know!

You can also email us at or call us on (08) 9721 1031 and we will do our utmost to help you.

We are always looking to accommodate our gorgeous customers who have skinnier than normal calves and curvaceous calves. In the details of every boot we will list the girth around the calf, and always tell you the gussets that may be there. The gussets are extra pieces of elastic at the widest width of the calf of a long boot. They are manufactured to provide those extra centimetres of “give” at that point, so please do read this information and factor it in.

We also look for boots that have elasticised material – either elastic “leather” or soft elasticised material – as the full panel on the back of the boot. This is perfect for both slimmer or more curvaceous calves because it is very very accommodating.

There are not brands which specialise in wide or skinny calf long boots however many of our brands do offer variants. Again, it is best to choose the boot you like, and then read our detailed descriptions so as to be well informed.

Another point of note, we measure the calf width for an Australia size 6 or European size 37 boot. As boots get bigger, they also get wider and roomier on the calf.

Our hats fall into two categories. Our day hats from Helen Kaminski and our day dress hats from Morgan & Taylor.

Helen Kaminski hats have either their dimensions listed, or, in the case of most all of them, are able to be re-sized which is perfect for those of you with smaller head girths.

For Morgan & Taylor hats which are hats for special occasions, and hats for the Races (think Fashion on the Field winning hats!) it is mostly a one size fits all. We have foam hat fillers that sit on the inside of the hat and will assist you in getting the best fit.


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