Ives Lavender Orange Bucket Hat

Ives Lavender Orange Bucket Hat



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Greta Says

Super SUPER stylish, so pretty and fresh in tropical feeling colours (is it that mango????) and I am going to wear and wear and wear.  I am convinced you will too … this is a one of a kind style/colour combination.


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Helen Kaminski Ives Lavender Orange Bucket Hat has drawn inspiration from retro styled psychadelic prints. Made from a Premium OEKO-TEX certified linen fabric, she features a piped brim edge allowing for easy manipulation and versatile styling.

  • Bucket hat
  • 100% organic linen, OEKO-TEX certified, and 100% cotton canvas
  • 9.5cm brim with piped edge
  • Applique pattern with raw visible edges
  • Size adjustable innerband for fit and comfort
  • Lightweight cotton fitted lining
  • UPF50+ rated for sun protection
  • Packable



Lavender / Orange

Outer fabric composition: 100% Organic OEKO-TEX Linen and Cotton Canvas

Inner fabric composition: 100% Cotton

This hat can be gently hand washed.

  1. Fill a clean basin with cool water and the recommended amount of mild or delicate detergent. Baby shampoo also works.
  2. Gently work the solution into the soiled areas using a soft-bristled brush or soft cloth. Start with the inner band, which is often the most marked part of a hat due to perspiration, make-up or hair products etc… Then continue to work the solution into the remainder of the hat.
  3. Rinse with cool water until it runs clear.
  4. Gently press out excess water using a towel, but do not wring. Rolling the hat inside the towel and pressing gently works well.
  5. Lay flat in a well-ventilated area and reshape it as it dries.

To restore hats to their original best shape, use the steam from an iron or clothes steamer to carefully reshape a crushed hat. Be careful not to over-steam or the entire hat can lose its shape.

Steaming can also assist with cleaning your hat as it loosens up dirt and allows you to brush off carefully using a soft-bristled brush.

If in the unfortunate circumstance you and your hat are caught in the rain, shake off excess water and stuff the crown using a clean white cloth or plain white tissue paper to help the hat hold its shape as it dries. Allow to air dry away from direct heat or sunlight. Be sure that the hat is completely dry before storing.


  • Store your hat in a box or on a clean surface.
  • Make sure the hat is in a ventilated space away from direct light and moisture.
  • If you’re not using a hatbox with a support, make sure the crown is supported by stuffing it with acid free tissue paper. Note: avoid printed or coloured paper as it may transfer onto your hat over time.
  • Ensure the brim is not pressed against any hard surfaces. The key here is to ensure your brim keeps its shape and doesn’t sink down or flatten.
  • If your hat is rollable, don’t keep it rolled for prolonged periods of time as this will make it harder to get the creases out.

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